3 thoughts on “A travel first 🤦‍♀️”

  1. J, I think it looks rather “artful” and unique!  Definitely not a predesigned cookie-cutter graphic. 

    Is there a take away lesson here?  Is it, “Don’t get drunk,” or “Don’t get a tattoo,” or “Prescreen your artist”?   

    (Notice the punctuation outside of the quotation marks.  I agree with your prior rant/recommendation and have been implementing it.  Although I’m sure it probably raises a lot of eyebrows, especially in Mensa.  And especially when they don’t know it is a conscious choice, not a careless error.  By the way, have you run this issue by Richard Lederer?  Shall I ask him for us?  We actually know each other . . . since the Mr. Mensa title.  In the past a prior question prompted him to write an entire article to address my question, and he acknowledge my prompting.) I hope one day that you do compete for the title. It would fill me with such a sense of completion! ed, with Viki Kind, and our precious little “You-lings,” the joys of our lives, our cat-daughters, Cassie and Pixie, and our new sweet son, Buffy, a former feral who’s transformed into a “house cat” in record time.

    [FYI, due to recent hackings and spoofings of this account, I want to say that I NEVER send out links without an explanation, I usually address you by name, or “Friends,” and I have the above signature with “Viki” and the “cats.”   Any emails that fail these criteria are not mine and you should NOT open any of their links.]


  2. @Ed – glad you liked it! If you enjoyed this one, you’ll probably like my new one too 🙂 https://julianwise.com/2023/04/01/honesty-in-comedy/

    If my memory serves, I believe I asked this question to Richard Lederer after a talk he gave a few years ago, and he agreed but mentioned he follows the rule due to the grammatical requirements of the media in which he publishes. Makes sense to me; I’m intending to be more of a radical at the vanguard!


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