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I’ve ghostwritten for leading tech executives including Justin Kan (founder of Twitch), Ellen Pao (CEO of Reddit), and Sam Altman (President of Y-Combinator). Here’s what some of them have said about working with me:

Ann Miura-Ko

Founder of Floodgate & board member of both Yale University and Lyft

“I would highly recommend Julian to complete top-quality written work for startups and VCs. He is reliable, communicative, and timely. Julian’s streamlined process for dissecting and communicating complicated topics is second to none. He works rapidly, often responding in real time. He also succeeds at coordinating multiple timelines and incorporating multiple stakeholder viewpoints, both areas where most writers fail. His written output is impressive–I would recommend him without reservation.”

Email me: Julian.W.Wise@gmail.com

Justin Kan

Founder of Twitch (Acquired by Amazon for $970M) & Atrium (raised $65M in funding in 2018)

“I’ve known Julian to ghostwrite for the CEOs/founders of Reddit, Twitch, TaskRabbit, Shipbob, BloomReach, GitHub, and Clickpass, as well as top venture capitalists. These people are famous in the technology world. Their companies are worth $100M+. Their time is precious. They are precise in their requirements and difficult to satisfy. Julian went beyond satisfying them—his articles were consistently our top performers.”

Email me: Julian.W.Wise@gmail.com

Nigel Stevens

Head of SEO at BigCommerce.

“Finding people who can write with good narrative storytelling is tough. Finding people who can write quality research content is tough. Finding people who can research a complex topic AND put together a great story AND do both simultaneously with one topic are nearly impossible to find. Julian is the exception.”

Email me: Julian.W.Wise@gmail.com

A few articles I’ve written:

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