My Favorite Olympic Moments

As the Olympics is one of my favorite holidays, I’ve viewed many, many competitions. These are my favorites, along with my custom awards for arbitrary categories:

Men’s high jump: Best celebration. (The audio is in Italian because the announcer is Italian.)

Men’s 400m hurdles. Wins my award for best athletic performance. 

Interview with 2nd place finished in men’s 400m hurdles. This guy ran a world record… and came in second. Wins my award for greatest heartbreak. 

Women’s karate. Wins my award for coolest badass. 

Women’s speed climbing (the climber on the left). Wins my award for most impressive precisely-honed skill. 

Diving. Wins my award for most impressive child. (#14YearsOld???)

My award for best dogpile (starts at ~45secs, but the beginning provides context).

Greatest celebration (including “greatest kangaroo”, who is the gent in grey wearing flip flops).

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