Travel Log 191022 (Redacted Version)

Start: [Redacted], Pflugerville, TX

End: [Redacted], Pflugerville, TX

Delicious Delectables: 

  • Mac & Cheese for dinner. ‘CAUSE I’M AN ADULT.
  • Sous vide steak leftover from yesterday. <- Very Adult.
  • 3 Lindor Lindt White Chocolate Truffle balls. ‘CAUSE I’M AN ADULT.

Quotent Quotables: 

  • [Nay, nein, nopes!]

Real Realizations: 

  • Emotions can come out via dreams, too! And be satisfied in a real way. 
  • I enjoy staying in one place for a while. Meeting people and immersing in their day-to-day life before moving on.
    • This trip is about understanding different cultures. I haven’t seen any of Austin (any!), but I’ve spent time living with a family and loving it!


  • [Redacted].
  • [Redacted].
  • [Redacted].

Exciting Events: 

  • Woke up late. Had some caffeine at 9:30am, then slept until noon. 
  • Between 9:30am and noon, had a very strong emotional processing via dream. Felt like processing some very strong negative feelings about [redacted]. Spoke in babytalk in the dream in a really strong, healing way, like the childish wonder was spreading over the terrible feelings. 
  • Walked Smidge in the morning. 
  • Wrote up a report on my experience of Myschevia. 
  • Clocked 2 hrs into [redacted].  
  • Sent a joke to my improv group’s texting group. Enjoyed making & sharing it. They riffed on it, too. 
  • Called [redacted]. He talked about his depression and how his father abused him. Enjoyed helping him talk through it. 
    • Shared my methods for countering depression with him. Helpful, they seemed, and fun 🙂

Alluring Activities: 

  • Catching up with work. ALL CAUGHT UP SOON.
  • Daily meetings at 11 and 1. That means [redacted] on weekdays! Woot woot! [redacted] Hooray! 

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