Travel Log 191019 (Redacted Version)

Start: [Redacted], Austin TX. 

End: [Redacted], Pflugerville, TX

Delicious Delectables: 

  • Bought 10 cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Ate 4 today, cold, straight out of the can. 
  • Domino’s Pizza for dinner. 

Quotent Quotables: 

  • “I think everyone’s more of a jerk when they’re sick. If you’re a genuinely good person when you’re sick, then there’s something wrong with you.” -[redacted]

Real Realizations: 

  • Having a place to use as home base matters. 
  • Living in a temperature-controlled house matters. 

Exciting Events: 

  • Made [redacted] for the first time in ~6 months. He doesn’t typically [redacted], esp not [redacted]. 
    • [Redacted]  
  • Woke up with a sore throat. Wasn’t sure if it was illness or just tired muscles from too much [redacted]. 
  • Negotiated [redacted] with [redacted]. [Redacted].
  • Played Hogwarts Battle with [redacted]. Fun game. I like co-ops. 

Alluring Activities: 

  • A relaxing day tomorrow.